Junior or mid-level software developer

Posted 07 Jun 2018

FTS Software Limited

Glasgow (PHP)

FTS is a software company based in Glasgow improving our clients' business operations by providing custom software as well as extensions to their existing software and online systems.

The position is for a junior developer. The only prerequisites are knowing how to operate Linux (other operating systems are banned), being able to demonstrate a basic level of coding ability and having a willingness to learn. There will be a short test to demonstrate familiarity with control structures and other fundamentals.

Background does not necessarily need to be software - as long as you can pass the test. Therefore this position may be ideal for someone who writes software as part of another job who wants to make the switch to full time software development.

If you're a student looking for part time work over the summer the pay will be £15 per hour.

For a full time member of staff the pay will be £24,000 gross per annum. Wage renegotiations will be based on market value, not percentage increases - so if you come in and learn quickly then wages will advance accordingly.

Due to the needs of existing projects, juniors with a few years experience who are looking for their first mid-level position will be considered if they have specific experience in line of business software or with Magento 2. In that cases wages will be commensurate with experience and market rate, i.e. within 15% of £30k per annum.

How to Apply

Apply by e-mail - send your CV to [email protected].