Full-stack developers

Posted 07 Nov 2018


Dundee (PHP)


We are a small, but hugely ambitious team based in Scotland’s creative and videogaming hub of Dundee. Our mission is to enable game developers and publishers of all shapes and sizes to create more successful and sustainable games. Our product, the ChilliConnect SaaS platform, is a three in one dashboard and SDK solution that seamlessly integrates data analysis, game server functionality and live operations management.

We offer a fast moving, exciting working environment with the potential for rapid career progression and reward. Join the team and help us change video game development forever!


We’re now looking for full-stack developers to join our team at both senior and junior levels. You’ll help to design, build and operate new ChilliConnect features, make improvements to existing features and implement reliability and scalability improvements as our platform grows.

What technology will I work with?

We mostly use PHP 7.0 with the Laravel framework for services, but also use Go where it makes sense. We use AWS for hosting, including Redshift, SQS, Kinesis and DynamoDB for most player data. For other data we use MySQL, and lean on Redis for caching and some other things. We’re big on automation, deployment, continuous integration – everything we write is Unit Tested, and we automate as much operational work as possible, mostly with Ansible. We’re a live platform and pushing out new features in a stable, repeatable way is very important. Our front-end architecture is fairly basic at the moment, but we’re starting to introduce Vue.js where required. We also publish SDKs for Unity, iOS and Unreal, so there’s some opportunity to work with those platforms too.

Why work at ChilliConnect?

We’re growing, but still a start up. This means there is very little management hierarchy and you have a great deal of responsibility and freedom in how you go about your work. Nothing is set in stone, and you can make improvements everywhere, including product, technology, architecture, process, etc.

You’ll work closely with our customers – game developers and publishers – and even have the opportunity to participate on technical sales calls, attend conferences and demo the platform if you want to – seeing a feature you’ve developed get used in a live game with millions of players is a great feeling and you can be involved at every step.

ChilliConnect is a live platform supporting millions of players each month and will continue to grow. Operating at this scale provides lots of interesting engineering challenges that aren’t available in many other companies, particularly with the way that games scale up and then down so rapidly.

Our team is delivery focused and pragmatic. We work to high standards, but balance this with the need to ship features and keep the platform running well at all times. Everybody agrees that release days are the best days.


  • Familiarity with all of the following Linux, Apache, MySQL or other SQL
  • database, Go/Python/PHP/Java/C# or a related language.
  • Experience with Javascript, HTML and CSS
  • Experience with relational database design and strong SQL skills
  • Experience with version control systems such as Git or Subversion
  • Knowledge and practical experience of Agile planning methodologies.

Bonus Skills

  • Experience of working in high-availability, high-load operational environments.
  • Experience with Ansible/Chef/Puppet or similar
  • Experience with Redis
  • Understanding of Object Oriented programming techniques, including:
  • Design Patterns, Refactoring, Dependency Injection and the SOLID principles.
  • Experience with Unit Testing, preferably using Test Driven Development
  • Experience working with AWS, specifically Redshift and DynamoDB
  • Experience with Unity, Android or iOS development

How to Apply

Send a CV to [email protected]